It’s time for training providers to change the game!

Re-write the rules, change behaviours and increase revenue.

“Learning and Development are critical for any
organisation to grow its business and its people.”

 “Enabling greatness in individuals and organisations
requires changes in critical behaviours.”


Nobody disputes these two statements and the market is awash with great training content and multiple delivery modalities…


Instructor Led Training • Distance Learning • Computer Based Training  

Self-Study • Bite-Sized Learning • E-Learning • Cramming • Blended Learning   

Mobile Apps • Online Learning • Group Coaching • 1:1 Coaching


But there’s a prevailing problem… No matter how good the content, instructors and materials, delegates and students struggle to make the transition from ‘knowing’ to ‘doing’ and fail to execute the critical changes in behaviour required to improve performance.

If you provide training services, you’ll likely identify with these common challenges:


  1. Whatever mode of training delivery you favour, you are up against the ‘Forgetting Curve’ (Hermann Ebbinghaus 1850-1909) which tells us that 80% of what we teach is forgotten in 30 days. This makes it almost impossible to bring about behavioural changes.

  2. You are only as good as your ‘last delivery’ with insufficient opportunities to generate ongoing revenues.

  3. In competitive market, it’s hard to differentiate yourself or your organisation.


When you want to provide a better learning experience, enable the change in critical behaviours and increase your revenues, it’s time to consider doing things differently.

Leverage Habituo to change, differentiate and grow your business… at no additional cost to you!


Research undertaken for us by Leeds University has shown that Knowledge Retention can increase by 38% by leveraging the tool. By applying the tool to your own content and programmes, you can avoid the traditional ‘forgetting curve’ effect and leverage spaced repetition to provide a superior learning experience for clients.


By measuring engagement, knowledge retention and mastery you’ll build a powerful body of evidence for client leaders that will enable them to track progress on their change journey. The unique mastery tracking will identify necessary coaching or re-training interventions on their journey to greatness.


There are only three ways to grow your business: Find new clients; increase your average revenue per transaction; and increase frequency of purchase. Habituo will help you differentiate to win more, improve client intimacy (more frequent contact) and increase revenue by up-selling or cross-selling.


We are seeking like-minded partners who want to offer a superior learning experience, differentiate and grow. You’ll benefit from the opportunity to collaborate through a simple referral model with no upfront investment. No IT skills are required and you can apply Habituo to increase revenue from your existing content. 


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