Habituo in Schools 

 Revolutionising knowledge retention in the primary and secondary education sectors 

Habituo doesn’t replace teaching, but rather reinforces the learning that has been delivered, in less than 2 minutes a day of a student’s time. Habituo uses Artificial Intelligence to detect gaps in knowledge and identify areas where further teaching or revision may be needed, making revision more efficient and allowing schools to spend their time focusing on learning directly applicable to each individual student. 


Habituo is so much more complex than answering 3 out of 4 questions correctly and achieving a score of 75%. The Artificial Intelligence within Habituo identifies areas students may need to improve on in real time, assigning unique difficulty scores to each question in relation to how that question has been answered across the school or year group.


The Spacing Effect: Staging frequent learning interventions helps solidify the information through active recall. Regular review, or practice spaced out over time, leads to superior learning than having the repetition(s) occur in close succession i.e. the benefit of distributed practice.

What are the benefits for Teachers? 


The comprehensive dashboard also gives teachers excellent visibility of how knowledgeable their pupils are in certain subjects in real time.


You can quickly see how individual pupils in a class are performing, as well as seeing overall knowledge retention across different classes/year groups or within different subjects. 


Our in-house IT and academic capabilities allow quick delivery of questions sets and complete flexibility to suit your school’s learning needs. Each school has a tailored solution with their own bespoke content, however niche their subject requirements may be. The questions can be specific to sub-topics within a subject, and directly relevant to each exam board. 

What are the benefits for Students? 


Students improve through the ranks, and receive badges to reward progression. 


Students have a huge amount of information to digest on a daily basis; Habituo hones in those important facts that are crucial for their exams, repeating the learning where pupils may find themselves struggling to remember important information. 


The learning is 100% uniquely relevant to each individual student.  For example, if they’re struggling to remember how photosynthesis works, but are an expert with cubic numbers, they will receive more questions related to biology, and less related to KS3 Maths. 


We know that revision content is readily accessible on the internet or available to buy from your local bookshop. Habituo is a different approach entirely – it does not require self-serve or proactivity from the pupils. We push the learning to them, in less than 2 minutes per day. 

What is the proposal? 

Artificial Intelligence is the future, and Habituo is using AI to make humans better, not to replace them.


This is why we are beginning our Habituo in Schools project, and are looking to conduct in-depth research into the benefits of bitesize revision learning that uses Artificial Intelligence to improve children’s knowledge retention.


The individual knowledge leader boards encourage students to take ownership of their own learning pathway, allowing them to see how they’re ranked against students in their class or year group. Habituo is bitesize learning that is engaging, which really helps to instil a learning culture in a very unobtrusive and fun way. Parents have full visibility of their child’s learning progression, enabling them to better support their children when revising or completing homework.

Habituo gives pupils, teachers and parents clarity on the areas they need to focus on most.


Knowledge is accurately calculated and measured using complex machine learning and artificial intelligence to add real value to primary and secondary education. 

If you think your school could benefit from a partnership with Habituo, please contact us today.


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