Guarantee Your Staff Learn What They Are Taught

🧠 Guarantee your staff learn what they are taught

📈 Visible evidence of individual mastery of skills

📌 Targeted vs. random coaching interventions

Why training doesn't always lead to performance improvement

The Challenge

The Forgetting Curve

Respected research by German Psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus (1850-1909) tells us that 80% of what we’re taught is forgotten in 30 days. Ebbinghaus pioneered experimental study of memory and discovered ‘The forgetting curve’ and ‘The spacing effect’. The curve illustrates how information is lost over time where there is no attempt to retain it. This has two significant, negative outcomes: 

  1. Spending money on training alone can be like pouring money down the drain. It’s hard enough to secure training monies, so why waste them? 

  2. You can engage people in the classroom and then they go back to their personal ‘whirlwind’ and fail to make the transition from ‘knowing to doing’. 


When you want to improve the skills of your people, how can you guarantee that people learn what they have been taught so you get a good return on your investment in training? 


The Solution

The Challenge

The solution is HABITUO, an Artificial Intelligence application that drives Engagement, Knowledge Retention and Mastery of new skills and behaviours. 

HABITUO reinforces training topics directly to a learner’s preferred device, so they can engage when it best suits them, usually in less than 10 minutes a week. 

The valuable management information captured by HABITUO helps to identify skills gaps and suggest targeted coaching interventions. Don’t gamble your training budget. Quantify success and improve your people’s performance with HABITUO. 

Guaranteed to deliver results. 


Transform the performance of

your team in under 2 minutes a day! 


People learn and improve when they are engaged

No matter how excited and motivated your people are by a great learning experience, they can be deflated once they return to the ‘whirlwind’ of their everyday work lives. If you can keep them engaged with the content, research shows that they will learn and improve. 


People only use new skills when they remember them

Spaced repetition leverages a memory phenomenon called the spacing effect, which describes how our brains learn more effectively when we space out our learning over time. By extending the connection with learning materials beyond training events, memory improves, and this happens cumulatively, reducing the effect of the ‘forgetting curve’. 


Mastery takes time to achieve and can be accelerated

Progressing through the 4 states of competency from unconscious incompetence to unconscious competence requires time, effort, deliberate practice and coaching support. Mastery can be achieved much quicker by adding Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the mix. 

How iT Works

A series of questions are pre-loaded into the application based on specific learning content. In less than 2 minutes a day the application pushes questions to delegates and captures their answers. 

If questions are answered correctly HABITUO advances the delegate to further subjects. If answered incorrectly, the subject is tested again with different questions. Random questions are also served to ensure cumulative knowledge retention.

On-demand management reporting evidences the level of engagement from participants in the programme, and highlights any specific individual coaching requirements.

The element of ‘gamification’ further drives engagement as teams and individuals understand their relative mastery compared to others. 


What You Get

If you’d like to evidence, measure, and accelerate the adoption of new skills and behaviours in your organisation, increase the ROI on your training spend and transform performance contact us TODAY to find out more. 



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